Market Tower, North Market, Columbus, Ohio, Schooley Caldwell Architect

Market Tower

Market Tower is a 35-story, mixed use development that will be built adjacent to the North Market and includes apartments, office, retail, and parking in addition to expansion space for the market.

Hubbard Park Place, Hubbard Avenue, Park Street, Columbus, Ohio, New Apartments, New Office Space, Short North, Schooley Caldwell Architect

Hubbard Park Place

Hubbard Park Place is a new mixed-use infill development with 101 apartment units, office space, parking, and a rooftop pool.

Lincoln at Pearl Short North Columbus Ohio Schooley Caldwell Architect

Lincoln at Pearl

Lincoln at Pearl is a new building in the Short North that will include residential units, parking garage, and restaurant space.

Michael B. Coleman Governmental Center, New City of Columbus Office Building, Ohio, Schooley Caldwell Architects

The Michael B. Coleman Governmental Center

The Michael B. Coleman Governmental Center is a new office building for the City of Columbus, that will serve as a “one-stop shop” for residents and businesses to take care of a multitude of City-related transactions.

Brunner Building, Short North, Columbus, Ohio, Schooley Caldwell Architects

The Brunner Building

The Brunner Building is a new six-story mixed-use building that will include retail space, office space, and apartment units.

Bowling Green State University New Greek Housing Village Schooley Caldwell Architect

Greek Housing at Bowling Green State University

The $30 million project included new housing to accommodate thirty Greek chapters, encouraging students to engage with each other in shared outdoor spaces.

The Wood Co. Building, Columbus, Ohio, Short North, Schooley Caldwell Architect

The Wood Co. Building

Schooley Caldwell designed a three-story addition to the existing building at 937-951 North High Street in the Short North.

The Ohio State University North Residential District, Columbus, Ohio, Raney House, OSU, Schooley Caldwell Architect

The Ohio State University North Residential District

Schooley Caldwell was part of the Design/Build team designing OSU's North Residential District Transformation, which added over 3,200 beds and helped revitalize north campus.

Griggs Reservoir Boathouse

Griggs Reservoir Boathouse, which serves the OSU crew team, the Greater Columbus Rowing Association, Columbus Recreation and Parks, and neighborhood/community groups.

Stewart Elementary School, Columbus, Ohio, Architect Schooley Caldwell Associates

Stewart Elementary School

Schooley Caldwell was the Design Architect for the $11.2 million renovation and addition at Stewart Elementary, a historic school in German Village originally built in 1874

Columbus State Community College Union Hall, Renovation, Columbus, Ohio, Architect Schooley Caldwell Associates

Columbus State Union Hall Addition & Renovation

This project involved renovation of a 96,000 SF, 6-story academic building as well as construction of a 20,000 SF addition.

Franklin County Government Center

Schooley Caldwell completed a comprehensive Master Plan for the nine buildings that make up Franklin County’s Government Center in downtown Columbus. Schooley Caldwell subsequently designed the new entry pavilion at the Hall of Justice building, which ties together the existing complex with the new courthouse building which was completed in 2010.

Franklin Park Conservatory

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the turn-of-the-century Palm House at the Franklin Park Conservatory is an extraordinary Victorian glass structure that houses an equally extraordinary botanical collection.

OSU South High Rises

Schooley Caldwell served as Architect of Record for the $170,000,000, full renovation and expansion of five student housing facilities in the south campus area: Siebert, Stradley, Park, Smith, and Steeb Halls.

Clinton Elementary School, Columbus Ohio, Clintonville, Schooley Caldwell Architect

Clinton Elementary School

Schooley Caldwell designed a complete renovation and a 10,000 SF addition to the 1921 Clinton Elementary School.

Building owners and contractors frequently draw upon our in-depth knowledge of the vast array of codes and standards to solve complex and unique challenges. Our technical expertise allows us to sensitively integrate complex contemporary systems into historic buildings — as well as design dynamic, efficient and functional and new structures.