Hubbard Park Place: Short North Apartments and Office Space

Hubbard Park Place

Are you curious to know what’s going on at the corner of Park Street and Hubbard Avenue?

What is now a hodgepodge of heavy equipment and concrete beams will soon be a brand new apartment and office building, called “Hubbard Park Place.” Schooley Caldwell designed this much-anticipated addition to the Short North/Italian Village area to contain 100+ apartment units, about 10,000 square feet of office space, and 155 parking spaces.

Throughout the design process, one of Schooley Caldwell’s goals was to create a building that would enhance its charming, character-filled surroundings while filling the demand for more housing and office space. Featuring lovely brownstone-style townhomes in front of a seven story apartment and office building, Hubbard Park Place will do just that.

Below is a picture of the progress so far. Check back soon for updates!

Hubbard Park Place Construction